Top 5 Mobile Design Trends of 2015

‘Mobile Internet will surpass desktop Internet!’. Such predictions were considered to be highly outlandish during the early 2000s. But if we look at the present scenario we notice that the predictions were about right. Mobile internet not only surpassed the desktop internet but surged to a level beyond reach.

We have crunched all the data from various sources and surveys and collected together five of the biggest mobile design trends for 2015. So be prepared to spend your precious ten minutes to get glued to your screen and learn about the most popular mobile design trends of this year.

1. Animated Elements:
‘More the interactions better the usability’ is the concept of the new mobile design. Introducing more interaction seems to be the new strategy to draw more attention this year. Nowadays nothing more than animation or small animated elements can stir the interest and interaction of the users more. Animations will be used in the mobile phones to provide unique and user friendly experience for the mobile users. It helps in breaking the monotony of the mechanical life of the people. Instead of just being used to stand out of the crowd you will witness that animations are used in a more functional and motivational role opposed to purely visual. If implemented properly users will not only have an exquisite user experience reducing the time of deciphering things but also enjoy their regular work to be done on their cell phones.
Global Mobile Trends
2. Subtle Color Palettes:
Mobile design is taking a major step towards minimalistic design. Web design is moving towards bold colors and on the contrary mobile design is constantly switching to more subdued and subtle colors and patterns. Subtle and lucid colors are taking over flashy and neon based color schemes. From psychological point of view, conclusions have been drawn that a flashy color may also be the reason for a distraction. Instead subtle colors can help draw in users and allow for focused concentration. But contradictions will be an integral part as well, there will also be vibrant colors added for contrast. Since the concept of flat design is rising more focus is given on subtle colors these days.
Mobile Design Trends
3. Storytelling:
Storytelling has also gained momentum. Mobile design will stop relying on scripts to get its story across. Instead of the monotonous instructions written in blunt words stories will take on a more interactive role. People these days are preferring to scroll through the entire storyline rather than clicking. So more images are being used and collaborated properly to convey a message visually rather than written words. Which is not only more appealing to the eyes of the user but also enhances the understanding to a great extent. This means you should be witnessing such elements being used to make the user the “character” of these “stories. You will have a more personalized experience with your cell phones than ever before and your mobile phones will become the part and parcel of your life.
Global Mobile Trends
4. Blurred Backgrounds:
This mobile design trend has made an indelible mark in the art of designing today. It focuses on certain elements and the remaining background remains blurred. Blur images will not only be more appealing but it will help to draw attention to just the important elements. This aesthetic trick will also make call to action buttons stand out. Using blurred imagery in the interface will allow the users to know which element interacts and which doesn’t. The blurred backgrounds will ensure that you press those buttons to convert but at the same time they will also be used to enhance the interactive storytelling effect. We will also witness more of translucent elements being incorporated in close association with blurred backgrounds in the mobile interface itself for a cleaner, simpler and minimalist feel.
Mobile Design with Blurred Background
5. Gestures:
We had been using gestures since a long time. The way gestures have changed the use of operating system has differed a lot since the last year. Instead of interface button people navigate through the entire operating system. Almost the whole operating system has become an input method. Users can swipe their fingers up or down to pull up or pull down an extra panel like the notification center. They can zoom in and zoom out as well with the use of gestures.The fact that the future devices will probably come with larger screen than the current generation, it will be likely that gestures will be given utmost importance. And more of it will be implemented in apps and operating systems to improve the user experience.
Global Mobile Design Trends

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The five trends discussed above are the most anticipated mobile design trends that is definitely going to hit the mobile market this year. But these are just a few grains of an entire new dimension of mobile designing. There are a plenty of other trends which are bound to gain momentum sooner or later this year like material design, parallax and a lot more.

However there remains no scope of doubt that mobiles have become an integral part of our life and we want to make the “look” and “feel” of this part of our lives better and better. Hence we all know that mobile design is now set on a roadtrip to make mobile use both a better and lively experience for it’s users.

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