10 Incredible Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

These days people have learned to multi-task. An entrepreneur can be a homemaker and a decision maker at the same time, a content writer can be a marketing specialist at the same time. This creates an overwhelming demand for time. So what it results in is this what they call a ‘drastic time crunch’ situation. So people always look for the correct opportunities to streamline their work and get things done smoothly without too much headache.

These days there is a task management app for almost anything and everything. But the right kind of apps are those which are indispensable for work and life. A task management app can be defined as ‘awesome’ only if it easily becomes a part of our life and gives us quick solutions solving our problems in a jiffy!

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Some of the mind boggling ideas that have been crafted into solutions in the form of apps to make our lives simpler are as follows:


There are a lot of calendar apps but definitely Sunrise stands out of them. Why!? Because it has a super awesome and simple user interface which syncs in with your Google and Microsoft Exchange and iCloud accounts to place all your reminders at one place. The app also pulls faces from Facebook and lists them in the UI to show with whom you are scheduled to meet with. They also pull the weather report and map details in accordance to your meetings scheduled.


If you are a person of news and want all the latest updates at your fingertips then you definitely are a Flipboard person. Worldwide politics or share market, sports or entertainment no matter what your topic is, you just need to feed it in this app and it shall prepare a themed magazine customized to your taste. You can also log into your Twitter and Facebook account to flip through the latest updates all at one place.


Life is hectic. People are losing on their reading habits due to lack of time. It often happens while surfing net we come across interesting topics and decide to go through it sometime later. But 95% of the time we forget to return to that topic ever again. And hence we lose it forever. To cater to this need of the readers, Pocket is there to save your articles, videos and other items to your Pocket account. In short it is the simplest way to save-now-read-later-thing.


If you are a music lover then Pandora is definitely what you want. Pandora just makes your music discovery and listening an awesome and effortless experience. You can filter your search by name, singer, genres and a lot more and be pretty sure to get your song. It has a century old collection of songs no matter how popular or obscure they are.


Travelling is an important part of our lives, weather for running your errands or for fun you can’t deny it till your last breath. Citymapper is one such exclusive app which becomes your city guide throughout your life. It helps you to navigate through some of the biggest cities in United States and Europe. This app pulls data from local public transit and puts maps and directions at your fingertips making you ready to go at anytime and anywhere. The unique point is that it also works offline. When you don’t have access to your net at critical situations it will always stand by you as your company.


How awful does it feel to be not able to buy your favorite ice cream due to shortage of a few bucks. It is at that time which reminds us of our friends and family who would be ever ready to lend us a few bucks at any time. Venmo by far undoubtedly is the best app to send money to the people you know and the money sent or requested through the app can easily be sent back to your bank account.


Life has not only become hectic but also overcrowded. It is practically impossible for you to be driving around freely with no traffic issues. The app very conveniently pulls data traffic, speed traps and other road conditions and helps you to anticipate as well as get rid of the severe traffic issues straining your nerves. If you are unlucky enough to have already been trapped in the whirlpool of traffic this app helps you take a reroute to reach your destination faster.


Earlier photography was considered as a passion but now a days photos and clicking pics have become a trending fashion. People love to capture each and every moment of their life and share it with others. Camera360 is an exquisite app with more than 200 filters and 10 modes of shooting. It provides a lot of variation and the image is solely suited for your eyes and your purpose.


Only those who are pissed off with handling thousands of mails daily will understand the importance of boomerang. This app is a very handy and useful app. It does a number of things which we could just imagine our email messenger did. It sends us a pop up notification if we didn’t receive a reply for an email for a certain period of time. It also helps to boomerang the mails to the top which needs our urgent notification. However the most unique feature of this app is that it allows you to schedule an email intended to be send later.


Entertainment is probably the only color left in our monotonous life. But nowadays who has the time to sit back and watch tv shows? So Netflix gave the opportunity to watch your favorite TV shows on the go i.e. anytime and anywhere. So the time you spend stuck in traffic can be fully utilized by watching your favorite characters.

It seems to be a small affair but these small applications can often prove to be lifesaving at times. These small apps at crucial times can help your ambulance to find a traffic free road in case of emergencies and save your life! It helps you to be active and updated throughout the day and make wise decisions. Some way or the other, they are handy. You may ignore them but you can’t deny them.


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