5 Latest Web Designing Trends

Websites have become an integral part for all sorts of businesses these days. It has become one of the most vital marketing tool in this era. If you do not possess an eye-catching website then your business is bound to be missing something vital. As in we can say not having a website these days can prove to be hazardous to the health of your business but having an unattractive website also proves no point.

2015 has seen a ton of new releases, new plugins and a lot of unique themes and animated features..so now its time to feel alive and find out what our websites would look like in the coming years. So brew yourself a cup of steaming coffee and sit tightly in front of your screen to enjoy the show!

Let’s take a quick look at the web design trends that emerged in 2015 and make some bold predictions about upcoming designs and soon became trend-setters to start with!

1. Look out for large background images:
Massive background images are expected with rich typography. The focus should be on stating the facts in a clear and lucid manner. Another important feature is the absence of header. The trend is to hide the menu bar and keep it as simple as a single clickable object simply on the background image. Simplicity has become the key feature of web designing these days. As far as typography is concerned a lot of emphasis is given on it. Large and small text of different styles are blended together to look appealing as well convey the most important message properly.

2. Modular Card Based designs:
Web Design Trends
The rise of the smartphone has ushered in a new way of thinking among developers and web designers , who need to develop websites that work on small screens.This has drawn attention on ‘cards’, as a design pattern for displaying information in bite-sized chunks. Pages can be broken up into parts, and content can be displayed depending on browser or screen sizes. So the content spread over a large dimension and on a number of pages can be well accommodated on very same page. Content spread over three or four columns can be repositioned into just one. IT not only saves the time of navigating from one page to another but also gives a detailed picture at one go.

3. Scrolling over clicking:
Parallax scroll has become mainstream, people love to scroll through one page for detailed information rather than clicking. The concept of parallax scrolling website design is gaining popularity across the internet, bringing the user experience to a whole new interactive level of online viewing.Nearby objects have a greater parallax than more distant objects when observed from different positions, so the parallax phenomenon can be used to determine distances and is the next big thing in web designing.These days it is overused as a trendy and visually appealing effect but it is a great tool if it serves the user experience and is perfect for storytelling websites.

4. Material Design to make its grip tighter:
latest trends 2015
Material design refers to creating a visual language for the users that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science. The concept of material design combines aspects of the flat design with some slight animation and gradients that produces a kind of 3D effect to certain added elements. It has to be graphical, bold, and intentional like using unexpected and vibrant colors, contrasted with subdued and muted environments matched uniquely with large-scale typography and soft directional lighting and shadow. It has to be choreographed carefully with animation that provides seamless and fluid like touch transitions that are appealing to the eyes of the people.

5. Microinteractions and WebGraphics to play a major role:
Upcoming Mobile Design Trends
Microinteractions are small animations aimed at engaging users and making the content with which they engage more interesting.To create a dashing website that users love, you need to focus on both sections of the design: the big picture and the details. Microinteractions are those minute details which make up the ‘feel’ part of the ‘look and feel’ aspect of your website. So the goal is to increase user engagement and draw eyes toward important parts of the site. The next in thing these days is ‘gestures’ which is more of animation you witness when you click an object. It is the seamless change of flow from one screen to another.

On the other hand webgraphics has gained momentum. Just as infographics is used to pack a lot of data in a small space similarly webgraphics is used to push a lot of data within a small space but in an exceptionally eye-catching and effective manner.

Having known the latest web design trends you must be aware what are the things that you need to have in your websites. So buckle up your shoes and be prepared to run the race of creating an awesome website that would shoot up the traffic and enhance your business in turn. Be prepared to equip your website with 3D effects and animations and gestures which will keep your audience engaged and solve your purpose of drawing traffic to your websites.

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