3D Touch – Changing The Way You Interact With iPhones

iPhone’s new ‘3D multi-touch’ feature has revealed a completely new way of interacting phone with user. This has been done by simply tapping, swapping and pinching which has forever changed the way they navigate and experience the digital world. Until now these gestures had been defined by single plain in two dimensional space. But now there exists the z-axis. 3D touch of iPhone6S and 6S Plus has paved up an entirely new way of communicating and collaborating and opened up a whole new dimension the way user experience their iPhones.

The 3D touch of iOS9 multi-touch is a first of its kind technology. It brings with itself the features of Peek and Pop. Peek, being the lighter of touches, and pop being a hard-press on screen. 3D touch tips also works best on a home screen hence giving users shortcuts to things which they do frequently. Users can press lively and peek the content. If they continue pressing users will get a pop up with the content senses.

Embedded in the display reads how hard you are pressing and react in a smooth linear way. This is a dynamic system display integrated into iOS 9. You can dip in and out of way where you are without looking the sense of your context. It provides distinct tactile feedback for your actions, letting you know exactly what is to be done and what you can expect. Sophisticatedly designed 3D is certainly an apt answer of how hardware and software develop together to define a single experience.

Apple innovated to make that phone in your hand a better friend to you. Before detailing out how this functionality can be a versatile change in various mobile applications and also in development domains, let me just give you a brief intro of this 3D gesture functionality.

  • With 3D touch you can swap through or just open pages of various applications by sliding over. All in all it acts as a great App Switcher.
  • Using 3D gesture users while reading an online mail/content can use keyboard tracker, wherein they can perform select, copy etc actions on the content.
  • 3D gesture allows readers to visit inbox message/ mail without actually visiting the same in the application.
  • Users can adjust the sensitivity of 3D gesture which can be adjusted to light, medium and firm.
  • The Zoom in feature of iPhones when used with 3D gesture effect can actually zoom out and zoom in the desired content/application.

Let’s have a look to various Mobile Applications which will be experiencing the effect of 3D touch.

E-mailers and Mailing Mobile Applications: Imagine your email applications utilizing the power of 3D Touch and therefore, accessing the emails using 3D gesture is just so smooth. You are going to experience the email navigation with 3D Touch which therefore helps you to reach inbox more quickly and efficiently. Imagine all this was possible:

To peek at the message you just have to press a little harder. You can easily view the content of your email on top of your inbox. You can now easily decide whether you want to have a full view of the message or if it’s short, just short view is apt and you are back into your inbox. 3D Touch in e-mailers can do more wonders to its users.

In your inbox now you can easily Peek the message and decide whether you want to delete them or mark it as read. Using the various levels of 3D gesture you can actually decide and customize on various intensity of Peek you want what actions to be taken for your inbox message. Based on the user’s touch the prompted action gets displayed against that Inbox message. Mobile App Developers can now allow users to decide the folder and subfolders from email segregation based on the touch intensity of 3D.


Messaging, Chat and Calling Applications: These social networking apps are themselves quite interesting in their own unique way plus when 3D gesture gets added in the chatting and Messaging mobile apps, they just end up doing some magical stuff together. Messaging application on 3D gesture can add real charisma to the user experience. Imagine if all this was possible:

If someone sends you a link or URL of the website you can Peek at it without even leaving the screen you are in. A slight press will take you to Safari, browse there and stop pressing to get back to your Messaging application. The Messaging Application can also decide the intensity of press to mark various actions on it. The application may ask for actions like sending messaging, sending call, send SMS, send emoticons, or it may be just to delete the selected message or copy and paste and forward. The list is just unending. The 3D gesture and its intensity can actually decide what exactly you want your Messaging and Calling app want to do, the action would just differ on the presses intensity.

Images/Photos/Selfie/Gallery Mobile Applications: Here comes another fabulous mobile application which is very much close to heart to users.

With 3D Touch you can give an actual feel to photos. 3D functionality when combined with Photo Shoot and similar kind of apps, you can actually save their pics in various modes and tones. Depending on the type of press, photos can be reformed and edited. Such astonishing touch ups if added to Image Upload Mobile applications, the users can get really get amused with shooting themselves. The 3D functionality can also be added to save the photo in various formats like .jpeg, .gif or .png. Imagine users get a prompt for saving their photos on various media formats depending on the intensity of press (light, medium or firm).

Reading and Educational Mobile Applications: How about sharing your selected online content or topics to study with some friend of yours? Imagine you are reading an online study material and suddenly you thought of sharing an excerpt to your friend for better understanding of topic. 3D Touch of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus opens a keyboard tracker for you. You can readily select the desired content from an entire e-book and make changes as required. Such 3D Touch can be added to these applications to make them more connecting, like depending on the intensity of press, user can get option of choosing desired action to be taken. For eg. with light press, user can get option of selecting the content and copying the same and therefore sending across through e-mailer. With medium one, they can take the screenshot of the content and a little harder will bring them back to the application.

Games and Videos Mobile Applications: Without any doubt, one can say that 3D Touch will be simply revolutionizing the world of Games. Games like RPG’s (Role Playing Games), Racing Games, Shooting Games Puzzles, Zombies will give user an ultimate experience to users. Imagine the 3D gesture intensity decides the interval of bullet trigger being shot by the shooter. Gesture Recognition plays an important role in this functionality. Also, in sports games, the intensity of 3D press will affect the throw of bowler and also decides the power of goal-shot in FIFA. The racing games will also have an absolute effect when cars and bike accelerate, turn or halt.

Maps Mobile Application: 3D gesture of iOS9 will also be showing its awesomeness in Maps and Navigational Applications. If someone sent you an address, you can peek the map without leaving the screen you are on. Pressing the link will take you to the location and stop pressing the same, you will return to the screen where you found the address. Maps (Mobile Applications) can also incorporate the functionality of taking user to the next exact level of location, in the minute detail like street, building, road, block, of varying intensity of presses on the screen. Hence, there is lot developers can do with Maps Mobile Applications and 3D Touch gesture.

Conclusively, there are lot of good things which Mobile Application Developers can add with 3D Touch gesture in Mobile Applications of various domains. This opens a new door for iOS apps developers. Whether we take health as domain or Utility application, the 3D Touch effect will add new dimension to iOS app development sphere. All new browsers have to really head according to the extensibility with 3D effect offers. The intensity of various press occurs with 3D gesture adds a lot to the mix and how users will be engaging themselves in browsing activity. Web application development technical nuances of mouse-over have to really think the way these websites will be interacting with 3D Touch gesture of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

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