Google Cloud Platform – Why You Should Adopt

A: Introduction

We all know that cloud based platforms have been a significant technological development adopted by large as well as small enterprises both. Cloud based platforms simplify a lot of things and hence make the process secure at reasonable costs.

Every enterprise faces the constant pressure of doing a lot with smaller budgets, less employees and tight resources. Google Cloud Platform is a facilitator and helps you dramatically. Google Cloud Platform allows your team to focus more on developing apps by saving time otherwise invested in things such as maintaining servers etc.

B: What is Google Cloud Platform?

The cloud based platform by Google offers a reliable and scalable infrastructure for developers to build, test and deploy apps. Google Cloud Platform comprises of application, computing services for backend, mobile and web solutions and storage. Google always tries to keep the backend quite simple and hence ensures a simple file system. This system is the foundation of Google Cloud Platform.

C: Google Cloud Platform – Advantages

C1 – Enterprise-level Benefits:

1- Faster and Innovative Projects To Market:

To step ahead of the cut-throat competition in this technology volatile market, every enterprise would want their team of developers to spend maximum time in coming up with quality coding, development and delivering projects instead of messing up with the maintenance of servers. A great infrastructure is always a firm foundation of your apps, therefore, Google Cloud Platforms take complete care of your apps bringing in new revenue and delight for users. Google’s systems allow faster delivery of functionality.

2- Scaling Millions of Users:

Cloud Platform Applications can automatically scale up in order to handle demanding workloads. You just have to pay what you use. Google’s Cloud Platform is designed to scale when you experience huge traffic. Managed services like Cloud Datastore and App engine provide the facility of auto-scaling. Along with scale-up, the managed services of Google Cloud Platform gives the facility of scaling-down where you don’t have to pay for computing services that you no longer require.

3- Uninterrupted Services:

Google Cloud Platform offers robust support options depending on your needs. All its customers are offered free documentation and training content. Stack overflow is another public information sharing portal on which Google Cloud Platform support team actively participate in order to help their users. Enterprises can have access to trained experts throughout 24×7 over the phone where they can get the rapid response of their issues. For most mission-critical applications, enterprises can even contact directly the Technical Account Management team in order to avail higher level of service.

4- Right investment in growing business:

Enterprises can now well-manage their money in their business growth instead of maintaining server hardware. Of course, building on-heavy infrastructure requires huge capital expenditures. Server expenditure is a high-costing deal due to time taking installation, configuration and maintenance. But Google Cloud Platform offers you with pay-as-you-go and only for resources which you use. There is no upfront cost required. Hence, enterprises spend their budget on growth of business instead of server hardware.

C2 – Users Benefits:

1- Anywhere and Everywhere:

Google Cloud Platform is like omnipresent :-). Users can have complete access of information across all devices from anywhere in the world through web-based apps which are of course powered by Google Cloud.

2- Quick Collaboration:

Many users at one given time can collaborate their data and contribute to similar projects. These users can do alterations and modifications at one given time and can get it saved; data is stored on the cloud instead of their own machines.

3- Less Data Storage on Devices:

Very minimal data gets stored on personal machines of users, once they get used to Google Cloud Platform. In a way, this safeguards the data of users from serious threats of virus hence providing compete safety of data.

4- Flexibility to Users:

Users have complete control over data and technology. They completely own Google apps. Users can anytime move out and take back their data out of Google cloud.

D: Adieu

So go on and try a cloud environment where you can store your data and run the code in most environment-friendly, efficient and managed data centers in the world.


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