Live Fast Die Young (low-shelf) Apps Conquering the World

Low Shelf Life Apps

Mobile Apps are no more a strange piece of innovation. More than a thousand apps are added to the app store daily, but as days pass by the concept changes. As we all know that change is inevitable so there is a significant change even in the concept of apps as well!

Earlier app makers focused on a solid and consistent existence of an app that would last forever. But now the concept of short-lived apps has flooded the market. In this cutting edge technology era, businesses are moving briskly towards standalone and separate apps that will cater to specific demands or particular situations.

Low shelf apps are those apps that may be strategically launched for them to be a hit, but not for long.

Life(-time) of the Planet of the apps…

Nowadays 50% of the apps are used at half the rate after three months of peak use. And then the decline continues consistently for the next ten months of peak, mostly its fate is sealed beyond that and it lays as a zombie on the phone desk awaiting deletion.

Inner Image

While when some might take it as a doom point a few might grab the opportunity to channelize it towards the development of low shelf life apps.

All the way from sticky apps to short-lived apps…

The potential market for the low shelf life apps mostly revolves around events. These events can be a part of anything politics, sports, entertainment on a larger scale and on a smaller note it can be even for usage within a certain organization for a particular event or so on.

The low shelf apps definitely have a strong hold on markets. Like Apple always launches a temporary app in December to share the latest giveaways of iTunes. Similarly, there are election poll apps which come around only during the polls. Short lived yet the most awaited and used app. Sports and entertainment domain don’t lag behind. Like the Super bowl or the other reality TV shows capturing the screens these days. It’s easy to use but apart from that, it is a part of the huge marketing strategy. They render to create an event out of another event, catering to the top of mind questions and generating the necessary buzz in the market.

These low shelf apps focus on a particular event on which people want latest updates all the time and they get mass attention in a very minute span of time.

The sole requirement of a low shelf app…

All good things come with a lot of challenges, so do these apps! The ultimate requirement of a low shelf app is that it should take the minimum development time. Because whatever it is no one wants to spend a great deal of time developing something which is short lived. But at the same time, you know however short lived it may be you cannot compromise with the robustness and effectiveness of the app!

Another imperative concept in these apps is the concept of ‘reusability’. Reusability is the key to the success of such temporary apps, which saves similar future efforts and makes bug fixes easier. Once you have designed the framework then you can go drag and drop and make it lightning fast in the future.

The truth unveils…

On taking a closer look at the life of a low shelf app it throws an uncomfortable truth. But despite the ugly truth, it is necessary to get your shoes buckled up and be prepared to run the race of low shelf life apps because you can ignore it but there is no denying it.

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