5 Mobile Application Trends That Are Here To Stay

5 unexpected mobile trends you should be prepared for!

When it comes to mobile, the word itself implies constant motion and lack of rigidity. When it comes to mobile trends, definitely they change and they change within a blink of an eye. What seems hot like hell today gets vaporized by the next dawn. So the top app trend developers are drooling over are somewhat like this:

Hybrid HTML5 Apps

While some developers still reap over native mobile apps but hybrid HTML5 app development is continuing to gain a lot of momentum. Hybrid HTML5 will become one of the most obvious choices of the year 2016. Surprisingly at this point of time there is no considerable competition to hybrid HTML5, so there would be a general tendency of the organizations to lean towards it this year. However ionic framework new seems to be catching up next.

Cross Platform App Development

Tablets were a hype some time back but even now it remains an obsession at different enterprise and industrial level, where mobile representatives use it to connect to prospects and clients. So developers should keep these trends and patterns in mind and work on cross platform solutions so that mobile workers can easily transit between their static devices like desktops to mobile devices and tablets. And it is definitely more convenient for all the users to use the exact applications with the same set of features and user experience across myriad devices and platforms. So cross platform app development will dominate 2016 for sure.

IoT and Data Visualization

Internet of Things or IoT is a comparatively newer concept but gaining momentum at a rapid pace and we are all aware it is going to be the near future and it is going to be integrated with everything that we use on a regular basis and one such cell in our pocket is our mobile devices. There would be a hardcore requirement to begin visualizing all incoming data from multiple devices and draw correct insights from the combined data efficiently.

Certain healthcare and energy industries have already started experimenting with IoT and mobile integrations so we must be pretty sure there is a need of a robust backend infrastructure of mobile platforms so that they can communicate with all the connected devices from anywhere and at any given time. So Internet of Things is definitely one of the upcoming mobile app trends of this year.


There is no doubt about the fact that the wearable devices have become an indispensable part of our lives. From smart-watches to fitness gadgets everything is coupled with our mobile devices. Nowadays people want better integration of these wearable gadgets with their mobile devices and also want apps with better interfaces and performances. People who own smartwatches or other fitness gadgets prefer apps on their phones these days. So developers need to stay focused on this as this trend is here to stay.

Mobile Security

Data is the new currency. People are paying a lot of money to keep their data safe. Developers should keep in mind to adopt the latest security practices to secure their apps infrastructure the data within it as well. It is difficult to achieve it than said because each aspect needs focus at an enterprise level. Developers have to take stringent measures to deal with the security concerns as more and more devices are getting connected to the mobile and to the apps.

Wrapping up I would love to say that these are the few trends that I have handpicked but there are more to it and the year 2016 will prove to be a tipping point where new trends would flood the market and developers have to buckle up their shoes to chase the race.

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