Mobile App Market: A Bubble About To Burst

Is the App Bubble about to Pop?

Euphoric reaction to the app businesses is rampant to the extent that the app industry is in the denial of the looming threats. Whether it is hundred soap bubbles in the bath or two hundred bubbles on the bubble wrap, all bubbles pop. But here we are going to talk about the “app bubble”. The app industry is in a bubble and it is about to burst!

As mobile operating systems like iOS, Windows and Android rose, an ecosystem of apps has also taken birth to satiate the growing needs of human needs and technological requirements. But according to the real life scenario instead of apps being written by a few big development houses they are being developed by small teams and individuals, even then they churn out a handsome number of apps that eventually flood the respective markets.

Unfortunately, each and every app does not have the same utility, you can at any time go to the app store and search for anything as weird as “burp machine”. You will not only encounter n number of apps but will be shocked to see the number of downloads.

mobile app bubble about to burst

Apple, Google, and Microsoft are still coming up with amazing figures of apps but according to some recent surveys it got revealed that the rate of downloading apps is decreasing.

mobile app bubble

Relevant digging further reveals that a large population who get a new smartphone download only a handful apps of dire necessity. However, this stands true for older smartphone users.

Factors Leading To The Verge Of Bubble Burst

There are myriad factors that are leading to depletion of app downloads, a few are stated as below:

1. App-overload: Way too many apps in the app store directly related or unrelated to the search.

2. App- apathy: According to the trends a few years back it was considered to be cool to download the latest and most trending apps in the market but gradually this novelty has worn off.

3. App-necessity: As days are passing by the quality of apps are increasing and subsequently we do not need a number of apps to do a single piece of job.

4. App-apprehension: No one is now oblivious of the malware-infected apps, hence users want to be a cent percent sure about the app before giving it a shot.

5. App-saturation: Since the inception of the smart devices we have pretty much downloaded everything we need and avoid cluttering our devices with any more of it. People are running out of space on their phones!

On an ending note, it’s high time for the developers to stockpile their savings and trim the fat and be prepared to put up the best quality apps (read: better than your competitors). The competition just got rough. Prepare for the best or don’t at all!

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