Fever of the Future: #EHR2.0 in Healthcare

Digital technology has radically transformed our way of living. Smartphones, tablets, and the myriad apps have drastically transformed our day-to-day lives. While talking about medicines it is an extremely informative rich domain and it requires an equally seamless and efficient mechanism for its management. Electronic Health Record (EHR) creates a seamless digital healthcare infrastructure and has revolutionized the entire concept of how care is delivered and compensated.

The next generation of EHR is taking some serious shape. EHR 2.0 is the burning trend that is about to set a foot in the healthcare sector. There are various aspects that distinguish EHR 2.0 from the legacy EHRs. Let us see some of the distinguishing and imperative features of the next generation EHR. It is mainly built on the foundation of the following four pillars:

  1. Connectivity: The main game behind the adoption of EHR is the role it plays in connectivity. It helps in providing a holistic view of the patient’s medical history and makes it accessible to any medical centre via any device. Making sure it is accessible yet very much secured. EHR 2.0 aids in bringing down the walled silos of traditional IT healthcare and tries to build something more cohesive. It helps in getting fragmented information from n number of places thereby involving the patients directly as an active participant in their own healthcare.
  2. Usability: The next vital factor being the system you are adopting should not only be useful but be usable at the same time. An emerging perspective from the EHR 2.0 technologies is developing a set of tools that are super-fast, nimble and definitely lucid in terms of learning. At the same time, it should be built in a fashion that caters to the need of the physicians. Again the self-service implementation (feasible with web based solutions) has drastically influenced in immediate adoption and elimination of vendor onsite training and installation. EHR 2.0 will deal with user experience quite intimately and aid the physicians to become full-fledged users with just mere time-pass tool.
  3. Mobility: None of us are oblivious about the mobility aspect and so is IT health care an emerging terminology as well. The EHR 2.0 is expected to seamlessly connect the patient health record with the various mobile devices ranging from various smartphones to tablets to other mobile based devices. And the kind of products that are about to flood the market with this kind of seamless integration is pretty sure to be beyond imagination. Trust all the engineers out there!
  4. Data Driven: Data is the new currency. Talking in terms of healthcare there can be two categories of data.
  • Patient-specific and
  • De-identified data.

While talking about the former, the physicians and the patients should have ready to access status to such information from anywhere, anytime and via any device. EHR2.0 is also expected to provide timely clinical disease support like suggesting the right diagnostic or may be the next course of action. The latter includes a lot of research data and data related to miscellaneous statistics, which otherwise needs to be disconnected but might need to be accessed if required.

Healthcare is entering a completely different time zone when a physician’s chamber will no longer resemble a mini library with a drastic lack of information in case of emergencies. The future sees doctors with mobile devices carrying secured holistic information coupled with robust data management which would be actualised by the gen-next system EHR 2.0.

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