Want a Thriving Business? Know How Awesome App UX Design Helps You In This

UX and Its Impact:

As per ISO 9214-210, mobile user experience has a formal definition but it can be understood as “How people actually respond to what they experience”. This includes both your system and how people react to it. And since you can’t directly control those reactions, it is always more important to consciously create whatever you are putting in front of them.

Whether it is button placement, font size or colors used, every aspect of your product or system affects the app UX design. This explains that a clever design and fine-tuning gives you power to positively impress your customers.
We must know that positive emotions build brand loyalty. Every customer of yours represents a customer lifetime value. By providing an exceptional experience, you can unlock this value for your company.

You must know that if your users fail to find information easily or have trouble buying your products, they will soon leave your website and will shop elsewhere. Let’s have some idea why.

App UX design is so much important:

  • It increases sales and online conversions.
  • Great user experience improves search rankings.
  • It improves brand perception.
  • Improves Google search rankings.
  • Reduces the cost of development and support.

Can UX really help sales?

Let’s go in more detail and see how an awesome app UX design contribute to increasing sales?

Jakob Nielsen, a Ph.D in human-computer interaction, explained that amount of business is a multiple of three factors which include unique visitors that visit you online, conversion rate and loyalty rate. Although the unique users are the direct results of SEO but even the SEO is indirectly related and affected by User Experience.

Hence, the formula gets driven:
Revenue = U * C* L
(where U stands for unique users, C stands for conversion rate of users and L as Loyal users)

You need to have a strategy in your hand in order to deliver a great user experience. You need to plan first your retail app UX design and for that, you must definitely have a great UX designer which plays a vital role. A UX designer must follow a number of essential steps for achieving a set of loyal users.

Five Golden Rules To Increase Sales and Enhance Brand Loyalty:

  1. Know and Understand Your Users: It is imperative that you have a thorough understanding of your targeted audience in order to develop a fantastic app UX design. Your users can be categorically be divided as ‘the power shoppers’, ‘the recreational shoppers’ and ‘repeat shoppers. The ‘power shoppers’ are those who always look for technical and strategic user experience. The ‘recreational shoppers’ are those who hang around and they become your real customers only if they experience something awesome and ‘repeat shoppers’ are who come back to your application/website time and again. They come due to the friendly and promising user experience.
  2. Design Layout of Your App: Your app must have an intuitive design which should be convenient to use like easy navigational features. It should also have high visual quotients like images different angles, rating and reviews and large display images. This also facilitates an increase in the conversion rates. The functioning of the button also matters a lot. If they fail to function well, the shoppers will lose their interest and will shop from your competitors.
  3. Make your design a perfect ‘payment’ page: The payment part is the vital element of your application. It should have simplified the user experience. Whether this app user experience includes appealing colors or easier navigation or a few tweaks but at the end of the day what really matters is that it should be handy and easy to use. The ‘add to cart’ button must be readily visible to users as this increases the conversion rate. Hence, an important factor of increasing the amount of business is an increase in the conversion of recreational and repeat customers.
  4. Divide into steps and don’t overload your contact page: Your customer are of great relevance for your business and hence they would seek complete transparency in process workflow. They would definitely be interested in knowing how their payment will be processed and if it is really secure or not. It has been figured out that the number of steps of a transaction must be restricted to three and hence it should be restricted to three. This should be dynamic and animated so that users do not find it monotonous. Also, it must be ensured that registered users are never asked for the same information again. This bothers customers a lot.
  5. Easy Checkout: Apps which have a clumsy and unmanaged checkout, the customers gets fussy over this. All good retail apps must have good UX and have their checkout option or button on the right-hand corner. To expedite the process it is advisable to place the button next to the ‘add to the cart’. You must give ’save for later’ option otherwise you may end up losing potential customers.

UX design cannot be ignored!

At the end, your UX must focus on all aspects of why they are using it? What is the only purpose behind using it? Are the goals achieved by your UX? It is a never ending process and you will have to be the user to understand what your customers would prefer over another set of options. A good UX ensures your customer remembers your app/website when they are gone. And know this fair and straight, this is just half the job done. The mandatory half. 😉

If you want to know more, you can write to us at sales@algoworks.com or make a call at +1-877-284-1028 (Toll-Free).

References: Wholedesignstudios, Whatusersdo

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