Why Software Product Re-engineering Is A Necessity?

Why Software Product Re-engineering?

To improve the performance of the existing products often enterprise level software needs to be modified and updated. The redeveloped software product holds better stability. As software products are faced with ever-increasing competition it is necessary to add more functionalities. The improved product user-friendly and flexible and of course will attract more customers. With all new look, the look and feel of the product get change. With software product re-engineering even the existing bugs will be corrected.

software product re-engineering

Software product re-engineering is important because any established product at any given time can become obsolete with due course of time. Catalysis of such a product is bit difficult and expensive too. The solution is to build a product for potential clients which are for the wide segment. Also, several business owners are aiming high for migration of their legacy products to a mainstream technology and new platform.

Since the IT industry is always changing hence businesses which have used their products for last many years would require replacing fully the solutions in near future. Of course what worked in past may not any longer work now. And in order to address the shortcomings companies would require spending a lot of time, money and effort.Businesses that have used certain products for many years may think that these solutions must be replaced fully in near future.

The process of software product re-engineering basically improvises the existing software which can be controlled, understood and used fresh. With the advent of time, software applications need to be sync with the contemporary trends and technologies. There are many businesses which are completely dependent on software applications and hence comes with a lot of risks. It is therefore expected that software systems should be flexible and open to accommodate changes if needed.
Some systems are having functions which are no longer needed and are outdated. Therefore, the product re-engineering process becomes a mandate as it helps in analyzing, examining and altering the existing systems. The product re-engineering process involves a combination of various sub-processes which involves steps like restructuring, translation, reverse engineering, re-documentation and forward engineering. The main aim is to keep the present functionality intact and adding more functions to better efficiency. Since great amount of money and time will be invested in growth and evolution of the previous system and the replacement cost will be high therefore software re-engineering is always a feasible solution.

Structured Process Of Software Product Re-engineering

Successful software product re-engineering process involves a structured flow:

  • Keenly understand the need of client’s current business model.
  • Identifying the existing features.
  • Figuring and addressing the problem areas which requires modification.
  • Identifying and addressing the problem.
  • Planning and prioritizing all the new features which could meet the current market requirements.
  • Re-designing scalable, robust and extendible architecture.
  • Testing & delivering re-engineered product.
  • Providing value-added support in live environment.


There are many leading IT service providers which offer a product re-engineering services. The process involves rebuilding the previously developed solutions hence allowing these systems to always be upgraded and updated over time.

Such companies hone team of skilled engineers who can help in modifying your current business product and fix the existing bugs which may harm productivity. Partnering with an experienced team of consultants will help you in reducing the costs and turnaround time along with improving quality deliverables. Choosing right technology partner enterprises can help you in reduce market and IT risks along with maintaining the highest levels of efficiency.

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