How Google is strategizing against fake app ranking?

With the app explosion crossing every possible bar each day there has been an ever-increasing cut-throat competition. For the small and initial level app developers, an app store visibility is of utmost importance and gives and unmatchable and an immense boost to the new debut. Taking into considerations how much time and money and overall efforts goes into developing an app and its subsequent ranking in the app store, the app ranking manipulation is a booming cottage industry.

People are no more oblivious to the fact that the developers have been using illegitimate ways to manipulate the ranking of their apps in the app store. They cater to various means like fake reviews, fraudulent installs, incentivized ratings, etc. Various companies dealing with providing app reviews offer five-star rating making pretty much penny against it. All these are unscrupulous activities and Google comes with stringent policies and tools this time.

“…we are rolling out improved detection and filtering systems to combat such manipulation attempts.” says Google.

Google has recently announced that it is rolling out filtering systems with better finesse to combat the fraudulent app ranking business. The fake reviews and downloads are against Google Play Developer Policy and is bound to bring harm to the Android Community. Google hence announced a new Play Store system that will give worthy punishments to developers who are found involved in fraudulent activities or manipulating ranking tasks.

The new filtering system which Google talks about is exceptionally more accurate than its predecessor. Apart from being more accurate, it is also more automated i.e it has the capability to automatically pick out the apps which have climbed up the app list using fraudulent measures. At the same time, it is more proactive. Developers who will be found responsible for repeatedly getting involved in unethical means to rank their apps might have to remove their entire portfolio of apps from Play Store.

google play store

Google had repeatedly reminded the developers that even if they are asking any third party like a marketing agency or so to promote their apps they should be certain that it is legitimate to avoid any kind of potential issues. This step was crucial and necessary to uphold the integrity of Google Play.

“If an install is conducted with the intention to manipulate an app’s placement on Google Play, our systems will detect and filter it,” warns Google. “Furthermore, developers who continue to exhibit such behaviors could have their apps taken down from Google Play.”

It’s a definite and most awaited decision taken by Google to ‘protect the integrity of Play Store’. Because the apps that top the chart with illicit means harm the apps that would otherwise be deservingly on top. Thereby in turn affecting the consumers who are using them. So to give the users the best that they deserve and the developers their credits Google had taken endless initiatives to enhance their filtering systems.

App Ranking in Google Play

Accurate app ranking in the Google Play Store has a long way ahead and will result in mutual benefit for both the developers and the consumers. On one hand, developers who put in their endless efforts to make high-quality apps will enjoy higher ranking on the chart and better popularity if users download them legitimately. On the other hand, the end-users or the consumers will be able to download and use apps based on real metrics of the apps and not by just getting visually attracted by the inflated numbers and stats.

However, the good news being Google has already started rolling out the new system and some apps’ position may alter in the charts for better or worse! The new system will push the bar to a certain extent, but it might not come out as effectively as it may seem and may not be able to eradicate app fraud completely. But still, it’s assuring to know Google is taking steps to ensure it doesn’t disappoint it’s Android users in seeing accurate app rankings. So guys here is wishing you all a happy and safe downloading ;).

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Image source: Algoworks, The Hacker Store, Sensor Tower

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