Mobile Application Development Trends To Rock In 2017

Today mobile apps are not just smartphones anymore, they are required for wearables, for smart cars, connected homes, IoT-enabled devices and much more. We are already heading to 2017 and it offers an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs and consumers. Cloud-based applications indeed have gathered a lot of importance in 2016. Of course, these applications have the ability to share and sync data in real time with the server and other devices. Moving forward now it is time to look forward some key mobile app development trends to look out for 2017.
mobile app development trends
Let us have a look at Mobile Application Development trends which will be prevalent in 2017:

1. Enterprise Mobile Apps Will Grow Exponentially

For growth and success of a business, enterprise mobile apps play a major role. More than 50% businesses are will be using enterprise mobile applications by 2017. Businesses which are using custom built mobile applications are able to manage day-to-day tasks very easily. These custom built applications increase the overall productivity of the business. CRM and ERP systems are of great benefit for those who want to have clear access to data and customer information. The trend of enterprise mobility will be getting more customized in the year 2017.

2. Embedded AI Within Apps

Innumerable developers are enabling machine learning and AI in mobile applications and this is positively impacting the industry. Won’t you feel great if the picture changes dynamically accordingly to your moods and situations? With easy to use photo filters developers devises various innovative ways where many mobile applications can be customized. Using various filters applications can be easily customized based on users’ preferences or location specific data.

3. Intuitive UX Designs

Creating easily understandable, comprehensible and operable mobile application has become core criteria while application development happening this year. 2017 will look forward to better UX designs for mobile applications. Easy to tap and easily accessible call-to-action button will allow users to focus on main features of the application with creating much of distraction and clumsiness.

4. Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality

2016 has seen several glimpses of both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality as it is the future of the tech world. This is expected to expand in 2017. Gaming and Entertainment industry have gained technological advancements just like popular game Pokémon Go. Augmented Reality is flourishing and expected to gain wide success in 2017. Innovation in terms of using GPS and AR technology in applications is expected to rise in 2017. Game developers which are fabricating games in 3D are looking at augmented reality to enhance the engagement levels of users with their application.

5. Beacons And Location-Based Services Will Soar High

Location-based services are another key players in 2017 and will be the major mobile application trend this year. We closely watched the emergence of location-based applications like Apple’s iBeacons and Google Beacons. With the advancement of services, WiFi usage will not only be limited to the restricted area but it will grow. It will help people in attaining relevant location-based information which will, of course, offer a major scope of personalized application marketing.

6. Mobile Internet of Things

IoT technology is no more buzzword in the technology market. Smart devices like wearables for health and fitness, smart watches, smart homes and smart appliances are gaining popularity amongst users. IoT integrated mobile applications have benefited industries like transportation, medical sciences, energy etc. Developers are expected to create applications using smart devices sensors for transferring information over the wi-fi network. Such revenue gained from the integrated system is expected to increase exponentially in 2017.

7. Android Instant Apps

Instant applications suggest a new way of using mobile applications and Android Instant Apps introduced by Google is not that long ago. The main aim of doing such stuff is instead of downloading applications, it is better to use them directly from the internet. The initiative will go viral as it simply advocates, having an application when you just need it, instead of securing space in phone’s memory. It is of course bound to have a larger market impact next year.

Trending 2017

With all these popular trends hitting application development and technology market in 2017, there are few major changes which will impact the app development market in 2017. Swift, Apple’s own programming language is taking over Objective-C for coding purpose. More and more developers will be adopting this platform and it will be a game changer as it holds the ability to provide a better user experience and better features.

Last but not the least, offering classy and smooth user experience is key essential for all applications to succeed. At the end of the day, though, providing a premium and smooth user experience is the key for all apps to succeed, especially in 2017. Understanding customer requirements and having exquisite design skills has become the mandate for best mobile application development process.

Share with us what more mobile application development trends you want to watch in the year 2017.

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