5 Trends Rocking The Mobile Marketing World This Year!

Mobile devices have managed to conquer the major parts of our lives and mobile marketing concepts are no newer but the strategies responsible for making them smart have been constantly evolving dramatically.

Mobile marketing’s awesomeness and power-pact potential in 2017 is reinforced with stats like:

mobile marketing trends 2017

“U.S. mobile-ad spend will exceed $40 billion — and the industry can expect that number to pass $65 billion by 2020”. -BIA/Kelsey.

As we know that change is the only constant so as per the rule the changing dynamics of mobile marketing will possibly give birth to the following fresh trends:

1. Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality To Play A Big Part

Augmented Reality is gaining momentum at a high pace. It is expected to reach a mark of $5.7 billion industry as early as 2021. Not only just Pokemon Go was a super hit with 500 million downloads but there were additional 17 million downloads related to augmented reality. These large numbers are a clear indication of the impact that VR and AR are going to have on the domain of mobile marketing. The location-based apps, mobile advertisers, streamed media, etc are few amongst the many beneficiaries resulting from the rise of augmented reality market.

2. Single Customer Via Myriad Channelst

This year will witness each and every client using more than one device to stay connected. In fact, the recent survey shows that an average US consumer connects through a minimum of five devices to the Internet. On a further note, people continue their transactions in the offline world via myriad channels and multiple identities just like different store loyalty cards. As big data seeps in more and more into the ecosystem the vendors will have to focus on creating systems that will narrow down the marketing efforts to particular individuals. There has to be a strong marketing strategy to get a unified and consistent view of the customer across the different channels.

“53 percent of customers feel it is important for retailers to recognize them as the same person across all channels and devices offline as well as online.”

However, as large as 63 percent of the companies claim that the lack data alignment and this will drastically change in the year 2017.

3. Loyalty Concept To Hug Mobile Marketing

So far the role of the mobile in the domain of loyalty remains confined to creating apps that would allow the customers to view and manage their loyalty points. But the year 2017 will see a change in this concept as the emerging and top brands will realize that loyalty is something just beyond collecting points for transactions but it is a lot about enhancing engagements with customers. Mobile allows various brands to communicate and capture different transaction from the receipt thereby giving the packaging and other industries to create their own loyalty setup. So top brands with future insight are reconsidering their entire loyalty program with the hardcore integration of mobile aspect in their programs.

4. Social Media To Get Hitched With Big Data

Another trend that is expected to rise in the year 2017 is the seamless integration of the mobile with the social media experience with the skeleton of big data analytics. It is very important that the businesses realize that the mobile internet never sleeps. We can expect the year 2017 to be a year that will be consumer-centric and focus on maximizing the ability to retain the customers through big data. Mobile devices play a major role in everybody’s life and have become an integral part of all the social and interpersonal activities.

“80% of the social media interactions are now done via mobile devices”.

So this huge stats reveal that mobiles will be the cornerstone in the year 2017 when marketers will develop personalized and customer-oriented marketing strategies which are extremely vital to the success in this digital era.

5. Mobile Videos Will Become Viral

The concept of videos has overwhelmed the social media and approximately as much as four times consumers are more engaged by the video strategy than mere content. Facebook’s video view have taken a long jump from 1 billion to 8 billion views in the past year. So without any doubt, the expenditure on mobile videos will increase and an expected 30% increase is anticipated by the e-marketers. So this year we can expect to see more innovation in the domains of live video, pre-roll as well as embedding of videos into the mail.

So as we welcome 2017, we know that this year will bring in a lot of expectations from mobile. Mobile marketing will be all set to give a tough competition to all the marketing strategies. So happy strategizing and mark this year on high ROI.

References: digitalturbine.com, mobilemarketer.com, adageindia.in

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