Chatbots To Soon Replace Apps And Website!

Apps are something which has totally engulfed our lives. Check your phone and look at the number of apps you have, and imagine what if all the apps just vanished. There will be a void. Now, can you imagine something which can fill that void? Welcome Chatbots!!!

Chatbots started gaining momentum by the year 2016 and now it has become one of the major technology industries.

chatbots vs apps

Why Chatbots Over Apps?

1. Chatbots Feel Like Humans

At a very elementary level, our entire lives revolve around communication. Chatbots are the next thing after apps that will capture the major portions of our lives. Our preference always goes with lucid and direct communication. Hence, in today’s era, conversational Chatbots are the gateway to natural human-like interactions and the much needed non-ambiguous way of handling tasks.

2. Customers Stay Connected And Loyal To The Brand

Customer engagement is the most crucial aspect of a business. The more your convincing skills to keep your customers glued, the more business you get. Chatbots will become one of the major goals of businesses eventually and will become the special aspect to make more meaningful engagement with the customers.

3. Technically Superior To Apps

Chatbots have now become technically more advanced than apps or websites. Mobile apps and websites offer static experiences to users and they are far less personalized. Advancements in Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence has taken Chatbots to another level of smartness. Bots can constantly learn by analyzing the user behavior and, thereby, offer much more personalized responses. So, when you compare the first communication with the 50th communication, you will find a much more sensible response.

4. Unified Interface

A large number of mobile apps and websites can just clog your device. Various apps and websites can be packaged into a single messaging app and a chatbot can offer all the implied services. Conversation is always the main form of interaction and chatbots will eventually replace mobile apps and perform myriad tasks. Booking movie tickets or hotel rooms, everything is done via a single app is much more convenient and also reduces the number of downloads, hence, saving the prestigious storage of your phone.

5. Business Preference

With the exceptional and functional features of the messaging chatbots, the customer support will enhance manifold and the customer support mobile apps will, sadly, bid farewell. End users will start preferring interactive chatbots for effective and non-ambiguous communication. These days, chatbots also have the scope to track a customer’s response. They can ensure proper mapping of the operations onto the framework and can also aid in simplifying the workload of an organization, as well as, creating a pleasant experience for the customers.

In the near future, each business is going to have a chatbot. Chatbots are the ones which will soon replace apps and websites. It has already taken up all the industries by a storm. Facebook itself has more than 11,000 chatbots. The chatbots that are prevailing now are not sophisticated yet, but will definitely take a sharp turn in the coming 5 years and it would be more like talking to a real person with minimized error rate. So, let’s witness the next technical revolution of Chatbots stepping over the apps and websites!

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