Hi humans,

Welcome to our sewer lair. We are no ordinary ninjas here… we are the Mobile App Ninjas! Apart from battling Shredder, criminal-bugs and other crazy coloured alien invaders, we go bodacious and dig into the deepest tunnels around the world to pop out the best of content for you from these otherwise boring and similar and foul-smelling man-holes. Mobility blogs.

We have got quite a brew of ninjas in our hood you see. Totally tubular I must admit – techies, designers, analysts, engineers, warriors, samurai, shadow walkers…you got the point. With such a talented bunch of samu(wri)ters, we write blogs on anything and everything related to mobile apps.

That is as long as we get our delicious, crunchy, cheesy pizzas in time, of course. And yes, we can share them with you 🙂

Mobile App Developers Blog

Just because you are humans, all does not have to be gloomy and dumb. We invite all of you from around the world to reveal your shellacious sides to come and enjoy our take on mobile apps and everything around it, and we will happily lend a helping hand (not tentacles, and sans swords and sticks, promise). And if you have an app idea, you can help us save the world by joining our battle-ready party wagon!

Your heroes,
Heroes in a Half Shell.

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